Siobhan Rodriguez is currently an Aberystwyth University student, normally based in either Manila or London. She is a photographer specializing in photo collage and darkroom photographic processes.  Using inspiration from her culture and childhood, her works cover themes including identity as a half Asian in Britain today, and memories from childhood of fairytales.

Her current work continues to use fairytales as its main theme. The photographs taken within the lighting studio are used as the base sources, whilst she still consults collections of fairytales for instances from the brother Grimm’s in the direction of decorative photomontages. Bundles of books allow the viewer to pick up works, to hold them and play with them, and flick backwards and forewords whenever they want.

Another aspect of her work lately has been her time traveling journey through the photos of her grandmother and mother. Through these domineering females from two different generations, Siobhan has been able to understand and connect more with these two women who have brought her up. As she calls it, “it was an experiment which actually aloud me to become closer with my mother and mend the links that were broken when my grandmother raised me”.

Both projects have been managed by the use of Adobe Photoshop and her own personal collection of photographic images. The majority of her photographs have kept a sort of color scene, which has a hint of Asian fusion. Various shades of blue are the more dominate color within the series. Perhaps because not only her love for the color but also because of what it stands for on the Filipino flag. Blue field stands for common unity and the noble desires of the Filipino people, peace, truth and justice. Even though she is so far from home, she still invites her culture into her work someway or another.


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