Printing Set!I hope you all had a wonderful christmas, sorry i’ve been AWOL as of late. Art has taken a back burner for the last couple of months, really since the last post. My new job has now come to an end – as is the life of an xmas temp. But I’ve had fun, made money at last! And finally managed to afford to buy myself a screen printing set. Yes. I’ve gone nuts but not bad for 57ish pounds I think you would agree!

I have been moaning for months – if not already a year, how much I miss this medium. Okay so here I am at the deep end, terrified at now printing something…handy.

I do not want to screw this up so lots of planing shall have to get underway! My new years resolution is to engage more in the artworld. Ive been feeling so discounted and I really missed it. Life without art is no life at all!!!

So yeah…screenscreenprinting anyone?










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